Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Gemfire (#4)

Wow, after beating Gemfire (thanks to GForce and his hex skills!) I only have one Koei game left to finish, Uncharted Waters. Not sure if I will finish that or Silent Service first. The Miracle Gorilla Teaching System will definitely be last.

I was talking with my cousin Garret at Aquaboggan, one of the local waterslide parks, the other day and he got me thinking how much I used to love playing RPGs for the SNES. Breath of Fire (1 & 2), Lufia, Final Fantasy III, Soul Blazer...that system had it all. When I got on the net back in '95 I went on a spending spree on newsgroup auctions/sales, then eBay when it first came out as well as email auctions that various sellers would have and amassed quite a collection of games for NES, SNES, SMS, Gameboy, etc. I sold most everything I had, but for some reason kept the SNES RPGs like Robotrek, Tecmo Secret of the Stars, Final Fantasy II and a slew of others for that proverbial rainy day way off in the future. That day may not be so far off, so it seems.

However, I will definitely try and knock out those last 2 emulated NES games and then get off my lazy ass and finally hook that damned piano up. If you would have told me in January that I would have knocked 8 games off my list I would've thought you were crazy, but miraculously here I am.

I'm not at my creative best right now and if I started in with my usual profane rants I'd probably go to a place that I'd regret with it, so I'll just leave you with this:

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