Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Gemfire (#4)

Wow, after beating Gemfire (thanks to GForce and his hex skills!) I only have one Koei game left to finish, Uncharted Waters. Not sure if I will finish that or Silent Service first. The Miracle Gorilla Teaching System will definitely be last.

I was talking with my cousin Garret at Aquaboggan, one of the local waterslide parks, the other day and he got me thinking how much I used to love playing RPGs for the SNES. Breath of Fire (1 & 2), Lufia, Final Fantasy III, Soul Blazer...that system had it all. When I got on the net back in '95 I went on a spending spree on newsgroup auctions/sales, then eBay when it first came out as well as email auctions that various sellers would have and amassed quite a collection of games for NES, SNES, SMS, Gameboy, etc. I sold most everything I had, but for some reason kept the SNES RPGs like Robotrek, Tecmo Secret of the Stars, Final Fantasy II and a slew of others for that proverbial rainy day way off in the future. That day may not be so far off, so it seems.

However, I will definitely try and knock out those last 2 emulated NES games and then get off my lazy ass and finally hook that damned piano up. If you would have told me in January that I would have knocked 8 games off my list I would've thought you were crazy, but miraculously here I am.

I'm not at my creative best right now and if I started in with my usual profane rants I'd probably go to a place that I'd regret with it, so I'll just leave you with this:

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Nobunaga's Ambition II (#5)

Life often catches you unprepared for certain things. Let's just hope I recover better than Nobunaga did in this campaign.

He did a lot more in 50 years than most people do in...I don't know, 60?

So another one falls by the wayside. With all the shit going on lately in my personal life, I still find time to knock out one of the final 5 (thanks to Rey, again). I won't get into details about my problems, but let's just say knocking off another one of these was cathartic for me and that I'll have a lot more gaming time to myself soon enough.

If only you could make hex codes to modify things in real life.