Wednesday, May 4, 2011

It's alive...

I have not forgotten about you NES blog. I still have 3 NES games to play through and even though Miracle Piano will probably never be truly finished, I will still take down Uncharted Waters and Silent Service at some point.

Currently I am enjoying playing through some Genesis RPG/Adventure games that I've been curious about for the last 20 years, like Super Hydlide, Sword of Vermillion and Beyond Oasis, but I'll always return back to my true love when it is all said and done.

As for real life, I am single and loving it. My kids are my focal point right now and I am enjoying doing all the things that the ex used to fret over, like getting them ready in the morning for school and giving them all the attention they deserve. When you elect to bring a child into this world they really should be the center of your universe, so a big fuck you to all the self-centered asshole parents who neglect their children and see them as a hassle.

On a lighter note, props to anyone who knows what game the above pic is from.