Monday, May 31, 2010

Pirates! (#7)

This isn't a really satisfying victory, as there is no ending sequence or credits when you achieve the best score (or any score for that matter). Your name goes into the Hall of Fame and then you can actually continue your game if you feel like sailing the high seas for more adventure.

I'm glad this wasn't one of my last couple of games because of the lack of that definitive ending. It seems like Silent Service has the same deal going for it as well, as from what I have read you just get ranked based upon how well you do in the game but there is no ending sequence, so maybe I should take my medecine and tackle that one next before the 4 Koei games. As much as I rag on Koei, at least they have ending.

As for Miracle Piano, I'm pretty certain there is no ending to it, like if you pass all the lessons or even beat the sub games they throw in for fun, but that WILL be the last game I tackle. It has to be. None of the other 5 games remaining on the list come even close to being as infamous as the piano game. Like I teased in my last post, the unit has been rediscovered in my garage attic. I didn't even look inside of it, I just gingerly placed it back on top of the boxes it slid down from. I'm hoping I was smart enough to put the loose cartridge in the box though. You see, I had the loose cartridge first and then I won the unit on eBay WITHOUT the cart, which worked out fine since I had it anyway and is probably why I got the high bid on it. Hopefully it has the manual/book with it, but at least some masochist at nintendoage scanned the whole f'ing thing.


  1. Your pirating days are at an end, yet 1 second later you can decide to tell the king to get stuffed and go sailing again. Maybe they figured most players would stop at that point, and they didn't need to have a definitive ending sequence. At least Uncharted Waters ends when you reach the ultimate rank.

    So you can finally tackle the Miracle Keyboard huh? Who knows, maybe you'll actually learn how to make some decent tunes from it. You could say you learned the keyboard by playing every single Nes game.

    Yeah that probably won't happen, but that would've been pretty cool.

  2. It would be a major accomplishment if I can figure out how to hook the whole unit up :)